Yahou Brothers

Remi & Maxime Yahouedeou

The two brothers, born and raised in France and of African & Persian descent, were not only exposed to diverse cultures and perspectives but also to the intricacies of microorganisms.

Both Maxime and Remi artistically portray their personal challenge of living with sickle cell disease, a genetic blood disorder. This shared challenge fostered a profound connection between them, leading to the development of a unique artistic language and expression.

Each of their creations begins with meticulous details that, when combined, represent various elements of nature across different scales. Their art encapsulates the intricate relationship between nature and organisms and explores concepts of space, time, and the essence of nature itself.

Striving to bridge gaps between cultures, mindsets, and ideologies, the two brothers challenge the conventional creative techniques and processes. Their pursuit of unlocking the fullest potential of each idea pushes them beyond traditional thinking, leading them to seek and experiment with innovative processes, regardless of the country or city they find themselves in.

This spirit of exploration has led Maxime and Remi to learn different cultures by immersing and living in various countries, including Canada, China, the Netherlands, Russia, and the United Kingdom.


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